Why cheap or free web hosting is a real bad option?


So I see, you are looking out for free web hosting options and you have got some pages created that you want to get live and show the world that you own a site..

Warning– This article is in your face, so if you are not ready for it kindly leave…

Back to the free web hosting… Well honestly when was the last time you got some thing free (without any undue interest of other person) and it was totally worth it.

The same goes for web hosting. There are companies that invest a great deal in their web hosting services to ensure your site is up and running where it matters and when it matters.

Imagine you sweat a lot to create pages after pages, and go through all the hassle of uploading it online through some cheap free web hosting, only to realise that the server crashed or is down 99% of the time..how would that be. Btw, this is a real scenario that I have faced in the past and trust me it sucks.

So lets see what all reasons there could be for you to tread this risky path –

Case 1. You are just someone who wants to know if you can earn some money online – If that is the case, here is what I want to say to you

Your best bet is to drive organic traffic through Google. But there is the catch…Google prefers high quality sites that deliver great user experience & definitely not an Ok site on some crappy server that causes high page load time..thus killing the experience. What you can rather do is test the waters for a few months (say 4 – 6 months)  and do everything just right in these 6 months. Web hosts such as Hostgator do offer the flexibility of choosing a plan for as low as a month..so I would say make the most out of it. Still, ff you don’t have enough money invest, wait it out. Use this time to learn more about affiliate marketing, SEO, content marketing, user behavior and so on; but don’t you ever risk your online future with some crappy free web host.

However, most of the free host would put their own ads on your site..they do want to earn right. The free cheap host provider will give you space and in exchange will use your original content pieces for their own benefits to earn money out of your site.. Remember nothing is for absolutely free…for that matter not even this all is free. (Disclosure to be updated soon).

Case 2. You are a small time business owner and really want to take a crack at digital listening to all the buzz around you – Well, whatever you read above holds true for you as well. And if you don’t have time to wait out, I would say invest this time in creating additional properties first such as social media channels, may be youtube channel and slideshare. If you want you can even start a blog on shared platforms such as wordpress.com or blogspot.com. That would any day prove more beneficial then risking your domain on a cheap web host.

Case 1,2 and everybody in between – While you are waiting out and preparing to launch your site through some authentic, genuine and one of the best web host; you need to buy your domain right away. Do not be dependent on any one else for this, just go to sites such as Godaddy and book it, secure it, own it right now

All in all instead of a free web hosting service, invest in a top most hosting provider such as hostgator. What more, to give you a sweet deal use some on these hostgator coupon code


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